Print Out A Card to Show Gas Station Owners You Love Their Ball

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Phil Goldwhite, official designer of the Save the 76 Ball campaign, has created a handy business-card-sized PDF file that 76 fans can download and print out. This card reminds station owners that the ball is a prime reason we buy our gas from them, and warns "lose the ball and you lose this customer!"

Also available: a card to give to gas stations that have lost their ball, explaining why they've lost your business. 


You have no balls.

wow. And to think, I almost care. How about little globes, instead. You know, that old hippie fad, save the Earth?? It's where you and I both live, I think maybe even the oil-mongers at 76 might want to care about what effects oil has had on our planet. Why, I hear tell (but you DIDN'T hear this from ME!) that there is even a war somewheres, and PEOPLE ARE DYING, even CHILDREN, because of oil!

Save the Ball? How about, SAVE YOUR ASS!

Idiot. Be ashamed.