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By popular demand, we have antenna toppers!

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NOW AVAILABLE direct from
The original 76 Ball antenna topper!
Please buy a ball and help support our efforts.

Each ball is just $5 postpaid (US), $7.50 overseas. We have a limited number available. To reserve and for payment instructions, please contact us!


Beloved Hollywood 76 Ball Destroyed on March 8!

On the Lotta Livin message board, preservation pal SoftSupply reports the horrible fate of one of Hollywood's iconic 76 Balls. Don't let this happen to your local ball. Stand tall, dear balls!

PostPosted: Mar 10, 2006 10:23 am    Post subject:

I drove by the 76 station at Beachwood and Franklin last Wednesday, and watched in horror as they DROPPED the ball from about 4' after carefully removing it from the pole. It broke like an egg.


Save the 76 Ball on KFI LA and WLW Cincinnati today


Nathan and I were just interviewed by Gary Burbank of 50,000 watt monster station WLW Cincinnati about the campaign to Save the 76 Ball. (Too bad Canada made 'em pot down from half a million watts back in the '30s!)

Gary wondered aloud if we'd been hired by ConocoPhillips to generate controversy after which they could step in and say, "Hey, we didn't know how much you loved our balls. Of course we'll keep them!" Nathan and I think that would be really neat, and are wondering why the ConocoPhillips payments have yet to arrive in our Swiss bank accounts.

If you're near LA today, or like to listen to radio online, tune KFI-AM 640 in at the top of the 4, 5 and 6 o'clock hours (we're not sure exactly which!) and you'll hear more from Nathan and myself about what you can do to help Save the 76 Ball, and what the big sunny orbs mean to Southern Californians, and the world.

Los Angeles says: don't take our balls!

A big thanks from the pals of the 76 Ball to Eric Spillman of the KTLA morning news, for a wonderful feature today. The petition is filling with signatures, well past 1000 now, and we've been contacted by KABC-TV and KFI about doing stories on the campaign.

Word is out about the threat to the 76 Ball at Dodger Stadium, and that is not making Dodger fans happy. ConocoPhillips, won't you talk to the press and the public who buys your gas and explain WHY you are doing this? Better still, just stop knocking down our 76 Balls!

P.S. You can see the KTLA piece, at least for the time being, on their website. Note at the end how they rag on ConocoPhillips for refusing to talk about it. Look under "news videos" for 3/9 - Gas Company To Drop Iconic "76" Ball.

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