76 Ball to be discussed at Modcom Meeting (Monday, Santa Monica)

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The good folks of the Modcom division of the Los Angeles Conservancy have extended an invitation to discuss the Save the 76 Ball campaign at Monday night's monthly meeting in Santa Monica, CA. Friends of the 76 Ball are invited to attend this free meeting to connect with others interested in saving the signs, and learn about the important work of Modcom. The 76 Ball discussion will be in "new business" in the 8pm hour, but please come early if you can. More info:

Monday, March 20th
6:30PM meet & greet
7:00PM meeting

Santa Monica Main Library
Multi-Purpose Room
601 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Our friends at the Santa Monica Conservancy will be joining us for the meeting. SM Conservancy Vice-President John Zinner, a leading sustainable development consultant, will give a brief discussion on the value of green buildings, of which the Main Library is a noteworthy example, and the connection to historic preservation.

Save the 76 Ball

So far, the 76 ball at our local 76 station located at the northwest corner of Burbank Blvd. and Hollywood Way in Burbank (Tilley's station) still has the ball. We would like it to stay and so will be signing your petition.

David Lessley