Print Out A Card to Show Gas Station Owners You Love Their Ball

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Phil Goldwhite, official designer of the Save the 76 Ball campaign, has created a handy business-card-sized PDF file that 76 fans can download and print out. This card reminds station owners that the ball is a prime reason we buy our gas from them, and warns "lose the ball and you lose this customer!"

Also available: a card to give to gas stations that have lost their ball, explaining why they've lost your business. 


Nathan Marsak says "Save the 76 Ball!"

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Nathan Marsak, author of the book “Los Angeles Neon” and co-author of the Save The 76 Ball Petition, delivers an impassioned podcast plea that the remaining 76 Balls be kept safe from harm.

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please save the 76 ball

please post your descriptions and photos at our Forum of endangered or missing signs in your neighborhood.

The Mod Cat in the Hat loves the 76 Ball, too!

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When the needle points empty on this old car of mine
It drives itself over to the Seventy-Six sign.
So when we read that the old orange ball’s time is through
Well, my old car and I did not know what to do!

How could they replace our lov’d balls with flat red and blue pucks?
And with such scorn for our history? Why, the very thought sucks.
How could this monster from Texas cause such dismay in LA?
Oh-me-oh, Oh-my-oh, what would Vin Scully say?

But then something went bump.
It bumped from LA to Texas--where it made oil folks jump.

Kim Cooper got the ball rolling, with one little petition.
“Restore our dear spheres,” it said, or else face our sedition.
And then one signed, then two, then more came to declare:
Not the Lord, but the Board, you can petition with flare!

And so that’s how it started, from just one person’s druthers.
Saving the orange and blue ball, for all fellow ball lovers.
Although the odds were against us, and our small bag of tricks.
We have yet to strike with the spirit--the Spirit of Seventy-Six!

Let the corporate world beware, they know not what they had.
Don’t mess with our history, and don’t make Kim Cooper mad!

--Sky from Lotta Living