please save the 76 ball

please post your descriptions and photos at our Forum of endangered or missing signs in your neighborhood.

alive and well

the 76 on Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove, CA still has its ball intact, and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.


There is a covered ball in Malibu at a station that's out of biz.
i'm also doing a doc on mid modern Architecture.
My # 310-528-0845.
I can film the latest.

Nor cal 76 balls

I just was looking at the Rex Hotel web cam in Truckee Calif. and the on there is still intact.
The camera gets moved from time to time looking east then south west at times. It currently is looking east.

"At Least Make it Visually Appealling To Spend $40 on a Fill Up"

From one of your petitioners. Clearly we need even more balls in the UK. A tank of gas for a mid-size (BMW 525) costs me $110 :-(

Crenshaw and Venice, LA

(A windshield shot that lacks real pathos or drama, but I did nearly wreck while barreling across the intersection.)

i have seen one

it is right here.