Zippy the Pinhead Meets A Talking 76 Ball

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Hurrah for Bill Griffith, whose daily Zippy the Pinhead strip (running in about 200 newspapers today) "Unleaded Moment" features the titular hero communing with a 76 Ball that has some very reasonable concerns about its mortality.

Thanks to the miracles of the internet, you can enjoy the strip in color (with the surrealistic choice of a navy blue backdrop for the sphere) or classic black and white. 

Bill reports that Zippy will be revisiting the 76 Ball campaign in at least one future strip. Zippy's attention was instrumental in helping to save the endangered Doggie Diner restaurant heads in the Bay Area, and we hope he can do the same for 76. Thanks, Zippy!

Zippy the Pinhead saves the 76 ball - color

Zippy the Pinhead saves the 76 ball - b&w

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