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Finally, A Statement From ConocoPhillips

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After millions of Southern Californians were alerted to the threat to the 76 Ball following stories on KTLA and KFI, ConocoPhillips finally issued the following statement, after a request for comment from KABC television. They wouldn't talk to the BBC, Brandweek, L.A. Business Journal, KTLA or KFI. Gee, what changed their minds? 

Below please find ConocoPhillips' statement regarding the change to the 76 ball:

ConocoPhillips is implementing a nationwide transition of its 76, Phillips 66 and Conoco branded stations to a common image. The intent of this transition is to leverage the strengths of each brand while also offering consistency in appearance across our brands. Thus, the formerly orange 76 logo is now red.

We appreciate motorists' loyalty to the orange and blue ball, and hope they will continue to use ConocoPhillips' gasolines and motor products. Though our look is a little different, the quality of our products and our commitment to our customers remains the same.

Lara Campbell  ConocoPhillips Communications and Public Affairs

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