Live and Dead Balls of Northern California

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David Palmer of Pacific Grove, CA spotted a rare and hideous sight last week: a native Californian 76 Ball on its pole, flattened and riding to its grave on a misty coastal highway. 76ball hearse Bearing all its heavy spherical weight on its face, the poor, disgarded ball was actually caving in on its underside. 76ball hearse2

THIS is how little ConocoPhillips thinks of the beloved 76 Ball brand.

In Pacific Grove, the local ball still spins... but for how long? And here are some more handsome spheres from along the Monterey Coast. Below: so clean it sparkles! (not like the grubby balls in L.A.) 76 Ball 1140 Forest Ave Below: even in thick fog, the blue and orange shine brightly. 76 Ball 398 Fremont St Monterey

Thank you, David, for your invaluable documentation and devotion to the cause.

Visit David's Lighthouse Avenue blog.

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