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76 Ball At Sea

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Ronald Smith recently sent us an email:

The fleet oiler USS Mispillion made the 76 ball a welcome sight to ships of the US 7th fleet during the Viet Nam war. Thanks Union Oil for providing one of your rotating 76 balls, which we mounted on the second deck over looking the stern of our ship. The 76 ball became a familiar sight to aircraft carriers, destroyers, even the hospital ship "Repose" and the battleship "New Jersey" as they approached the floating "76 Station" on station with the 7th Fleet. The USS Mispillion broke every existing record for supplying fuel and supplies during that deployment! The 76 ball was our symbol, and we took great pride in it!

And thanks to the kind folks at the USS Mispillion website, we can share a view of that brave 76 Ball with you!

76 ball on the USS Mispillion c. 1968

Save the 76 Ball! It's a veteran! 

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