Save the 76 Ball - doghouse en An Offbeat Recollection of 76 Ball Manufacture <p>A reader writes to say: Someone correct me if I am wrong (but I believe I remembered this correctly!) -- the original Union 76 fiberglass BALLS (NOT DISKS) were manufactured ONLY in my hometown of <a href="" target="_blank">Galva, Illinois</a> (population 12[?]). </p> <p>Just FYI (a little fun factoid): one Spring (I was, perhaps, nine years old), Galva was hit by a tornado, and the 76 balls (which were usually neatly lined up in rows OUTSIDE of the factory) were blown all over the town! My next-door neighboor was gifted by Mother Nature with one, and we rolled around inside of it until the fiberglass worked its nastiness on us! </p> <p>I also remember someone a few blocks away cutting one in half for his dog to use as a doghouse! (I hope the dog escaped the wrath of the fiberglass!) I may have that wrong (I was young!), but I am fairly certain that Galva is the ONLY place where the infamous orange balls were manufactured! I'd like to know more information, if anyone has any! </p> <p>Thanks! Sharon (Johnson) Palmer </p> <p>P.S. Galva is sister city to Gavle, Sweden!</p> 76 balls doghouse fiberglass galva illinois manufacture plastic signage tornado Tue, 28 Mar 2006 18:40:33 -0800 kim 62 at