Save the 76 Ball - jacob soboroff en LA Observed Native Intelligence videoblog: How the 76 ball was saved <p>Last week, Nathan Marsak and I got up uncommonly early to accompany intrepid LA Observed videoblogger Jacob Soboroff on a tour of the surviving 76 Balls of North-East LA. Later, Jacob followed sign-spotting legend J. Eric Freedner deep into Orange County for a sneak peak at the new, red 76 Balls being readied for, ahem, erection.</p> <p>Do click over to <a href="" target="_blank">LA Observed&#39;s Native Intelligence</a> section to read Jacob&#39;s take on the Save the 76 Ball campaign and for a brief visit with a few of the folks behind this website.</p> atwater village J. Eric Freedner jacob soboroff kim cooper nathan marsak ontario orange swain&#039;s signs Wed, 31 Jan 2007 07:39:58 -0800 kim 131 at