Banned in Leisure World?

Six weeks ago, I was contacted by a producer from the Laguna Woods Village (formerly Leisure World) community television station and invited to come down and appear on their morning cable TV show talking about the Save the 76 Ball campaign. We were offered a 10 minute slot, and told that many of their viewers were longtime supporters of Union 76.

Nathan and I agreed to make the hour-plus drive from L.A, and we were scheduled to be on the air this morning.

One week ago, we received the following message: "We have decided not to do this segment at this time. I am sorry for any inconvenience."

I asked for an explanation of why the segment had been cancelled and if we could reschedule, but there has been no reply.

It all seems a little odd. Could someone have "gotten to" them? Is the Save the 76 Ball campaign "too hot" for Leisure World?

Save the 76 Ball! It’s Not Too Late!