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  1. Arthur Allen
    January 30, 2007 @ 3:31 am

    Mr. Freedner's photos from a sign shop reminded me of a photo I took a few months ago at a new sign shop established just a few blocks from my home in Renton, Washington. When I looked at the photo today, I noticed on the upper right side something that looks like an orange metal beret with a fisheye hook on the top. It's the actual topper for a 76 spinning ball!

    I've always wondered what was inside those, and how they keep the top motionless so they have something to hang pennants from. Most of the 76 stations were closed in Washington State in the mid-1980s, except for a few stations near Interstate exits. Most of the balls were gone by then, so it is a rare find to spot any traces of them now around here.


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